I am grateful for my beautiful family and the constant support I receive from them. I am grateful they are open-minded and respect the decisions I make, even if they disagree. I am grateful they continue to refrain from passing judgement, in turn making it easier to open up about the difficulties I face when it comes to my mental health. I am also grateful for my friends and for my health, especially during a difficult period in everyone's lives.

Dr Charlie Teo has operated on my three year old boy Nate 5 times for his grade four brain cancer. Nate wasn’t supposed to see Christmas 2018 and we just had Easter 2020. I am grateful Charlie never gave up on Nate when everyone else did and I am grateful Nate is happy and has never suffered and I am grateful my faith in God has got me through.

I am so very grateful that I am still able to be here. Almost one year ago I was diagnosed with a anaplastic astrocytoma, I was devastated. However, with the help of a tremendous medical team and the support of a wonderful family, I am looking forward to a few more years. I have six beautiful grandchildren to watch grown up!!

I am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life who look out for me and make me happy. I am grateful for a family who love and care for me and I am grateful that I am able to support myself and work for a company that tries it’s best to support people. I consider myself very lucky and I will always try and remind myself of all the things I should be grateful for. Thank you for reminding me

I am grateful to be born where I was. Not a slum in India or a village in The Philippines but a thriving city where I was fortunate enough to access an education and the opportunity to live a full and rich life. With this opportunity, I now have a family home and the ability to gain enjoyment from the work I do to put food on the table.


What I expect most to write in their 'Grateful For' submission is that they are grateful for their parents, and so too, I am grateful for mine. A parent is tested from the day they start this job for they begin a role that they have barely any training in. I am grateful to my parents for doing the best they could and doing a really great job of it. Yeah, we all have our downfalls but by and large, they taught me to be a moral and responsible person. 

I am also grateful to my wife and children for showing me and being my reason for love. I love my life with you.